Is The Invention of Home Appliances More Revolutionary Than Cars?

are cars more revolutionary than home appliances?

Me, the author, being an appliance repair mechanic might make you think this discussion will be biased. But seriously, I want to ask is a the invention of home appliances more impactful to civilization than the Ford and the invention of cars? One thing I often here people say is that the domestic dishwasher is what allowed women to enter the workforce, but I believe they would’ve entered the workforce whether the household dish washing machine was invented or not. With that said, we might then observe how refrigerators have allowed us to keep our food chilled with ease, without a single worry until the fridge breaks down, of course. But is this more impactful than cars?

Cars vs. Dishwashers? Which One Changed Civilization More?

Working in an appliance repair company and all means I also get to drive a lot, so I also get to see the benefits that cars bring to Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. I’ve seen how just the fact of owning a car and being able to drive it adds so much freedom to people’s lives. My cousin the other year had watched Fast and Furious movies growing up and I’ll never forget the look on his face when he drove back from a two week road-trip. But these experiences aren’t that “revolutionary” per se. I believe what vehicles have done is not only benefit the transportation of people but the transportation of appliance repair services. Keep that in mind as i ask you “what have appliance repair services done for vehicles?” If a car can get an emergency freezer repair at your home in a jiffy before the salmon melts, then that’s fine good service. Cars also look dope in movies, and appliances don’t. Anyways, if there’s one thing kitchen appliances have done for automobiles it’s allowed people more time to drive them!