About Appliance Repair Kelowna

oven repair kelownaThe history of Appliance Repair Kelowna is what many would call a cliche. We consider ourselves special and unique to other appliance repair companies in Kelowna BC, but our business all started from some young guys with dreams of providing a service that revolved around what we do best–fixing domestic, industrial and commercial appliances! Whether you’re looking for GE appliance repair or Maytag washer repair, you can be assured that we can provide this service because of our cliche history. We’ve grown up in Kelowna BC as kids and love this place so much we’d never dream of moving. Well, maybe we dream of vacations sometimes but Kelowna is our home and we’re proud to be here. GE profile refrigerator repair is here!

The difference between a Hotpoint washing machine repair service and a Bosch washing machine repair service for us is nil, because we put a consistent amount of love into every service we provide, for every single customer. Have questions? Call (778) 800-3910 whenever! It doesn’t matter if you need general electric dryer repair or appliance engineer services overall, because we’re specialized in all different appliances, providing the best, most convenient commercial kitchen appliance repair services in Kelowna BC.

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Residential & Domestic Appliance Repair Services by Local Kelowna Experts

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Domestic appliance services come in abundance with all appliance repair companies. We stand out because we stay consistent with quality along every line. Whether it’s domestic fridge repairs or general local domestic appliance repairs, you can be assured that Appliance Repair Kelowna has you covered. We keep a medley of spare replacement parts and manuals in our vehicles to be ready for every job. Have concerns? Call (778) 800-3910 now!

Commercial & Industrial Appliance Repair Services in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

We repair appliances for restaurants, laundromats, commercial storefronts, shopping malls, repair vending machines, washers and dryers, industrial dish washing machines, and a whole lot more. Contact us today for questions.

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The Best Appliance Repairmen & Repairwomen in the City of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Stay assured that a company of trained appliance mechanics with electric and plumbing backgrounds and polite manners are in West Kelowna and the city proper to handle your broken appliances. Whether it’s household appliance repair for domestic use like dishwashers or major appliance repair for commercial use like industrial refrigeration systems, the local experts are here! We thank you for your interest in our business. It’s taken us a while before we can say that we’re here to give the people of British Columbia a local service that has the cheapest price and best quality possible. With a 1 year warranty on all appliance repairs, we’re determined to make sure you never have to call our Westbank company for the same service twice.