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Welcome to the humble little website of Appliance Repair Kelowna We’re a mobile appliance repair company providing all home and domestic appliance services across North, West, East and South Kelowna plus all surrounding areas like Westbank, Traders Cove and McKinley Landing with top quality repair services. There’s no appliance we can’t fix, as we’re familiar with all manufacturers like Maytag, Samsung, GE and all others. When looking through the many Kelowna appliance repair companies, you’ll notice we stand out thanks to our to-your-door practice. Our appliance repair technicians are mobile and bring all the replacement parts and tools required to fix your appliances in a fraction of today! You can’t go wrong calling Appliance Repair Kelowna for your fridge repair, dishwasher repair, oven repair and all other domestic appliances. Our refrigeration technicians also fix residential refrigerators for domestic homes. If your fridge is not cold or your oven is not hot, we can fix it today at your location in Kelowna BC. We operate 7 days a week, even weekends, for your kitchen appliance repair as well as any home appliance repair service.

Major Appliance Repair Kelowna BC

For a fast, friendly service and quick free quote on the cost of your appliance repair service, call (778) 800-3910 or submit the contact form below! Appliance Repair Kelowna combines affordability with quality!

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Kelowna Refrigeration Repair | Home Appliance Repair

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Fridge repair Kelowna services brought to your location are here from a friendly refrigerator technician. From Traders Cove to Westbank, Appliance Repair Kelowna has you covered for all kitchen appliance repair services. We fix gas ranges, ovens and stoves. From the door to the element, each hinge and the little buttons and knobs, we have the means to replace, renew and restore–call us the appliance repair magicians! Momma used to say we ain’t having dinner tonight if the fridge doesn’t get fixed, and we know very well why appliance repair is the one of the most undervalued services. Did you know plumbers save more lives than doctors?–it’s the hygiene. And especially for a busy restaurant on a late Saturday night we know the chaos that a broken industrial dishwasher can muster. If your major household kitchen appliance is broken down and you need it fixed ASAP, count on A.R.K. to lark on over and get that bad boy fixed! Call (778) 800-3910 whenever you’re ready for polite, friendly service and a speedy result! Is that fridge from the ’70s not working? We’ll get down on it!

Kitchen Appliance Repair Kelowna, British Columbia

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If you need domestic kitchen repair services in the City of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, then the appliance technicians and mechanics working at Appliance Repair Kelowna have you covered with quality, efficiency, politeness and speed. We’ll step right on up to the fire-line, fixing appliances with the greater love of Greater Kelowna, maximizing efficiency and fixing those appliances to perfection. We’re the masters of Kelowna appliance repair services. There isn’t  a general electric kitchen appliance in Kelowna BC we can’t fix. Such a thing doesn’t exist. We’re trained, optimized and amazed by all the beautiful antique, vintage and foreign appliances that comes into our hands. Whenever needed, we order all the parts to get that thing working like a robot. We’re excited to fix appliances we’ve never fixed before, because repairing appliances in Kelowna BC has always been a dream of ours. As strange as it is, we fantasize about cool appliances. It’s our passion, and that’s why in Kelowna BC you can’t find a better major household kitchen kitchen appliance repair service! Call when you’re ready.

Domestic Kitchen Refrigeration Repair Services Kelowna BC

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Industrial refrigerators in transport trucks, at import and export facilities and convenient store cellars break down occasionally in Kelowna, British Columbia, but have no worries! Friendly appliance repair technicians are here to help! For questions, concerns or free cost estimates, our representatives and employees are available at all times of the day. Just call (778) 800-3910 to get that fridge repair service you need. Residential fridge repair services in Kelowna BC shouldn’t be taken lightly. Products can spoil and go to waste! We’ll get there before that happens if you call us now. We do fridge repair Kelowna services for mobile homes, domestic outlets and any establishment that might have a kitchen or industrial refrigerator needing repairs in Kelowna BC! Fridge freezer repairs are like dance floors in the ’50s. In Kelowna BC we rock and roll on over to get those babies popping back to working order again! We absolutely can’t wait to fix your industrial refrigeration system at a time that works best for you in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada today! Whenever you’re ready, contact us.

Residential Freezer Repair Kelowna

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Is your freezer in Kelowna not working properly? It’s a good thing there’re passionate appliance technicians waiting to serve you now! Just call (778) 800-3910 at your own convenience. Ice makers, wine coolers, water coolers, coffee machines and an abundance of other appliances need a bit of slapping back into place every once in a while. That’s why appliance repairmen in Kelowna are driving around in vehicles full of appliance parts and freezer replacement parts. This here is a very fine industrial and residential freezer repair service you can’t discover elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest. We are dedicated, passionate and ready to install some appliance parts. Domestic freezer repair Kelowna services come with different measurements of quality. You want a service that stays consistent, and it might as well be friendly, too. Our freezer repair business operates to please the standards of establishments in shopping malls who must get their pop corn machine repair services pronto or not at all! Get in contact with your local freezer repairmen in BC.

Domestic Dishwasher Repair Kelowna

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On a calm Saturday night it’s like a boogeyman suddenly cannonballs into the kitchen and slaps the domestic dishwasher out of operating condition. Have no frets! The No.1 kitchen equipment fixers are just a little phone call away. Sometimes things suddenly turn serious and if an industrial dishwasher doesn’t suddenly get fixed, the dishwasher’s going to quit! HAVE NO FEAR! Call (778) 800-3910 in Kelowna BC whenever works best for you! Our mechanics are always standing by to assist.

If you’re looking for general electric dishwasher repair services in Peachland, Myra, Lake Country or Pixie Beach, consider your needed serves handled as dedicated appliance repairmen from Kelowna cruise on up from the city to accomplish your mission. We can mend and heal Bosch, Maytag, Panasonic, Kitchen Aid, Samsung and the products of all different manufacturers. If you have questions and want to know about our prices, you’ll be surprised! 

We Have Many Options For Appliance Services!

For a breakdown of our many Kelowna appliance repair services click here–any appliance!

The Best Electrical Appliance Repair Kelowna BC

Over the years we’ve come across thousands of different general electric appliances. We restore vintage equipment, renew antique ovens and love discovering electric appliances we’ve never seen before. Strange electronic appliances from all over the world land in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and we’re dedicated to be able to fix every single one that comes our way. If that old refrigerator from the ’70s you love so much stops working, we’ll groove on down to fix it with everything we need to fix it on up!

General Electric Appliance Repair Kelowna BC

General electric appliance repair in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada is a service that deserves critical attention and professional, quick results. When appliances break down around the home, the whole family’s affected. Appliance Repair Kelowna believes it’s their duty to fix those general electric appliances as fast and safely as possible. If your appliance isn’t working right, call (778) 800-3910 for immediate, friendly service. If your fridge from the ’60s needs a fix up, we’ll get it working without a single hiccup!

Washing Machine Repair Kelowna | Clothes Washing Machine Services

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The Best Appliance Repair Kelowna BC Services

Whether you need residential dishwasher repair or RV fridge repair, and you just happen to be enjoying the amazing City of Kelowna, there’s a company who stays open ready to fix your domestic, residential and household appliances with friendly, polite appliance technicians. It’s amazing how many different kinds of kitchen equipment you can come across as a refrigerator mechanic. Whether your fridge is an antique needing professional restoration or a wine cooler from your local used appliance store, expect quality, polite, sincere, expert appliance repair because we’re just around the bend to mend! We fix popcorn machines for movie theaters, water coolers for offices, freezers for storefronts, ice machines for gas stations and anything you can imagine when it comes to Kelowna appliances. For more information and the answers to any questions you might have, feel free to contact us when you’re ready!

1 Year Warranty on All Major Household Appliance Repairs in Kelowna BC!

Homes across British Columbia often face problems with household kitchen equipment. Appliance repairmen who serve residential households are just around the bend to mend! Call when you’re ready! Thanks for being interested in our quaint company’s appliance business. We live in Kelowna to bring the kind of quality we would like to see on our own homes today.

Professional, Certified with Safety and Customer Satisfaction in Mind in Our Service Conduct

We work to bring the most optimal amount of quality that we can, with love for everyone that lives in Kelowna BC. Being a Canadian means a lot us, and we’re proud do be one of the most high-quality appliance repair companies in the world, because we exist in British Columbia. Being able to do Kelowna appliance services means we get to live our childhood dreams today.

Kitchen Fridge Repair Kelowna City Services Are Here! Let's Get Your Refrigerator Fixed!

No matter what part of your fridge needs repairs you can be assured that our repairmen can reach around the bend to mend! Fridge door repair Kelowna services are here! We love repairing the different cooking equipment in the kitchen, remembering the history of the ice box that our grandmas told us. Fridge repair Kelowna services are our specialty because we love it.

Local Domestic Appliance Repairs Kelowna BC Canada, With Safety and Love in Heart!

Domestic dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers, blenders, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers and wine fridges, freezers, ice machines and air conditioners, no matter the difficulty, can be slapped back into perfect operating condition pronto with quality expertise. Indeed, forsooth, we love providing domestic kitchen cooking equipment repairs in Kelowna because it’s fun!

Top Quality Appliance Repair Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Services

Are you looking for major appliance repair Kelowna BC services? If so, you’re in the right place. Our local business strives to arrive in a timely manner for all your general electric appliance repairs, including fridge repair, washer repair, dryer repair and all others. Plus, we can also schedule a service in advance if you call now or submit our easy, email quote form at the top of this page. We can work out a time to meet that works best for you, as we come to your location with all the replacement parts and expertise to get your appliance fixed back to fully working order. Consider your household appliances and restaurant food equipment handled and maintained with Appliance Repair Kelowna, your #1, 100% Canadian appliance repair company. We’re excited to help!

Household Appliance Repair for Domestic Use and Major Appliance Repair

Your friendly local appliance mechanics and technicians are just around the corner. Serving West Kelowna and the city proper since 2006, our local business has refrigeration technicians and engineers with plumbing experience and expertise in electrical work so that no matter what’s wrong we can fix it. Whether you need re-gas fridge services or gas range repair maintenance and installation, the most trusted appliance service company is ready to serve with safety first only before the customer’s satisfaction. Household appliance repair Kelowna BC services are awaiting, and so are major appliance repairs. Don’t let your broken freezers, ovens, stoves, coolers, cookers and other gadgets stay out of commission for long. Call the pros today!

You're 1 Click Away From Polite, Professional & Low-cost Kelowna Appliance Repair Services!

When it comes to getting your home refrigerator and kitchen oven repaired with fast, friendly service, our operators are standing by to get the job done pronto and ASAP so that you can enjoy the comfort of living in Kelowna BC with working household cooking equipment. We won’t take a rest until all the appliances that we can fix are fixed, because we love Kelowna and want to keep working here for many years to come. We have a long history of people thanking us for fixing their fridges and repairing their dishwashers and that enough is what gives us our joy in this work. From Westbank BC to the outskirts of a town we can’t pronounce properly, we come equipped and ready to mess with some broken home appliances. We’re more than nice like that; we believe it’s our obligation to provide repair services for broken household appliances in the City of Kelowna, BC, CA, merely because of the fact that we call ourselves professionals, and we stand tall to the call of duty to make domestic life in Kelowna one-click easier. That’s why you’re only one click away from getting the Kelowna appliance repair services that you need! We have operators standing by.

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